The transition from high school to college can be a daunting process.

There’s lots happening in a short amount of time, and frequently students do not fully understand the different factors that influence their application’s success. We can help with that.

At Indy College Mentors we’re intimately familiar with the in’s and out’s of the process. With over a decade of experience helping students get accepted into their target schools, we know how to help students prepare and navigate their options with tailored mentorship.


Rudy Cope and Nathan Bates

We help high school students get accepted into some of the top colleges in the United States.

Our success stems from our holistic approach to college mentorship. We don’t follow a road map to help students get accepted into college, nor do we have a standardized set of college counselling services. We do have decades of experience in the field of college admissions, and intimate familiarity with the criteria by which colleges make decisions about who gets accepted, and who gets denied.

We use this experience to offer student-specific mentorship. We treat each student as an individual, assess their needs and goals on a case by case basis, and then build a gameplan to help them be their own self-advocate and put their best foot forward when submitting their application.

We do this by offering our expertise and mentorship in a variety of areas:

Academic Advising
The challenge, for any student, is to achieve a healthy balance of rigorous coursework and extra-curricular and co-curricular activity.  One doesn’t want to bite off more than they can chew and risk failing a course. Worse still, a student would appear one dimensional if they had straight-A’s but little if any activity outside of class. Choosing challenging courses to get a proper college preparation footing is imperative and requires a great deal of strategy and care.  We can help you find the proper balance which will allow you to have a life outside of class, but will also prepare you for life in a rigorous college program.
College Essays
We have a long track record of assisting students with drafting essays that will accomplish the required objectives of a particular institution.  Different institutions have different requirements when it comes to essays.  And if there’s one cardinal rule in this whole issue, it’s this:  Follow Their Directions!  Secondly, we help students craft a message that is truly representative of who they are and how they think.  Admissions folks are able to see the empirical data about you in  your application.  The essay’s role is to fill in the blanks and give them a real sense of who you are and what makes you the special person you are, indeed.
Admissions Interview
Admissions Interviews are of critical importance.  First impressions make all the difference.  You may be thinking, “what should I wear”?  We can help you with that.  We can also help to prepare you for the questions you will encounter in your admissions interview.  Colleges are interested in conducting interviews because they help to get the full picture of your person.  In that sense, you should really be glad you will have the opportunity to “sell yourself”.  Trust us, it will work to your benefit if you are prepared.
Coach Interview
We have worked with dozens of students achieve their goals when it comes to being student-athletes.  We can help you form a game-plan (no pun intended) which will include a comprehensive plan of attack.  That will include forming a team (your high school coach, guidance counselor, parents, alumni and other stakeholders) to advocate for you in a strategic, well thought out way – one that will give you the best odds of achieving the result you’re looking for:  to be a student-athlete.  In athletics, character counts.  Most coaches will not have the first interest in talking with you if they’re not convinced you have the character to be a positive influence on their team.  We can help you to gather a list of references and letters of recommendation that will demonstrate you have the character to be a leader.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Getting admitted is half the battle. But for many families, the thought of paying for a high quality college education is daunting.  At Indy College Mentors, we have the necessary experience navigating the process to help any family explore every financial aid opportunity available. It’s been said that millions of dollars of scholarship money go unused every year.  But how do you find those dollars!?  Because no two families are alike, we will assess your situation and help you identify every scholarship, grant and need-based financial aid opportunity available. 
Campus Visit
Campus visits can be marvelous experiences, or they can be a flop.  You need to know what to ask for when you call the admissions office to arrange your visit.  Oftentimes, you will be offered an admissions interview, a campus tour and then sent on your way.  Especially if you will be driving a long distance to make your visit, you will want to “get your money’s worth”.  We can help you arrange a schedule that will give you a full picture of what a college is about.  That schedule should include a visit to a class (preferably two!), an opportunity to have lunch with some students (after all, who could give you a more honest appraisal of a campus than the students?), a visit to the career services office (after all, a career is – in a sense – what you’re preparing for, right?), and it’s certain your parents will want to know the score when it comes to financial aid.
Faculty Interview
Interviewing with a professor can be a really tricky venture.  Some professors are very outgoing and will keep the conversation going naturally.  Others will be more reserved and you’ll have to improvise.  In any case, don’t underestimate the importance of the faculty or professor interview.  In almost every case, someone from the admissions office will follow up with professors to ask them about their impression of you.  For that reason, it’s important you make a good impression!  We can help you prepare and perform!
How to be a Self-Advocate
Part of the process of discovery and help that we provide you with lies in “self advocacy.” We can help you put your best attributes and talents forward when applying to college. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today by clicking here.  We’re excited to begin this journey with you and explain what being a “self advocate” is all about!